Reputation Safe List’s purpose is twofold:

  1. To aid honest Reputation Management Companies in verifying their integrity to customers.
  2. To aid consumers and businesses in finding Reputation Companies they can trust.

With considerable expertise in the ORM (Online Reputation Management, PR (Public Relations) and SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) industry, our team knows that the market potential for Reputation Management is outstanding while growing exponentially. With that growth comes many questionable businesses that are out to harm, exploit and deceive. We want to sort the Good from the Bad, the Trusted versus the Scammers. All that is needed is an introduction from a trusted friend and we are here to help.

How We Make Reputation Management Shopping safe.


NO! Shell or false-front businesses
NO! Spammers, Scammers or tricks
NO! Unscrupulous sales practices
NO! Violations of personal privacy
NO! Out-and-out fraud
NO! Shaky customer services practices
NO! Overt security flaws
NO! Company Ambiguity